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Our Stage Car (Theatre Prop)

Our 'Flying' stage Chitty has wowed audiences across the UK (in over 30 productions in two years!)

Beautifully authentic, she really is truly the star of the show (as it should be!)  


  • Authentic detail to the iconic movie car

  • Just 14ft long (against the real car, which is nearly 18ft)

  • Flies by hydraulics (lifted from behind) and tilts (allowing audiences to see undereneath Chitty as she flies, for that added 'flying' effect')

  • Alternative 'scissor' lift for small venues

  • Deployable / retractable wings

  • Turning (powered) wheels

  • Working headlamps and side lights

  • Internal DMX lights on actors face

  • Powered wheel to move under her own power

  • On a manouvrable dolly

  • Matching junkyard wreck

  • Other props available (Details on request - see 'other chitty props')

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