*** STAGE CAR ***

UK theatre groups can now hire this stunning stage version of Chitty....


Our 'FLying' stage Chitty is wowing audiences throughout the UK.

Beautifully authentic, she is truly the star of the show (as it should be!)  Please Contact Us for an information pack, containing all the details

about this stunning stage car, which features:


  • Authentic detail to the iconic movie car
  • Just 14ft long (against the real car, which is nearly 18ft!)
  • Flies by hydraulic lift (from behind) and tilts
  • Deployable / retractable wings
  • Turning (powered) wheels
  • Working headlmaps and side lights
  • Internal DMX lights on actors faces
  • Alternative 'scissor' lift for small venues
  • Powered wheel to move under her own power
  • On a manouvrable dolly
  • Floats (coming soon)
  • Matching junkyard wreck
  • Other props available (Details on request - see 'other paraphernalia'


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