About our Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Our road car is a full size (17.5 feet long), beautifully detailed and impressively authentic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car.


Over the last 3 years we have taken part in many varied events including:

  • A reunion of the film cast at Pinewood studios to celebrate 50th anniverary of the film
  • Carnival parades include Brighton Pride 2019 (seen by half a million people)
  • Shopping and town centre appearances throughout the UK
  • Transporting Santa to his grotto
  • Exclusive weddings


She’s Electric!


Our Chitty is powered by a 48v electric motor, more commonly found in service vehicles, making her ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, as well as being environmentally friendly!


She’ll still do 30 MPH (On flat ground!) but is happy to plod along at a more stately pace – perfect for carnivals and parades!  She has the soundtrack of a 12 cylinder aero engine, with that famous ‘chitty chitty’ chugging sound.




Please contact us via email or the enquiry form.


We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. For example: Pricing, Timings, Wet weather policy, Photographs, Merchandising, etc.


Delivery / On the day


Chitty will arrive on a smart custom-made enclosed trailer. In certain circumstances the cover can be removed so that Chitty can be seen as she arrives.

We also provide barrier ropes for static displays, Edwardian lace parasols for weddings and/or inclement weather!


Travel / rides are limited to 2 miles (Please see below regarding on-road use)

Whilst we wish for Chitty to be as accessible as possible, members of the public are not allowed to sit in the car at public events unless prior arrangement has been made.


This Chitty Chitty Bang Bang replica was built in 2015/16 following several years of gathering parts and sourcing suppliers, and a lifetime of dreaming, by Rob Alderton, a self-confessed Chitty nutcase! … With substantial help from Gordon Grant (who built the replica Chris Evans now owns, and his own excellent road-going Chitty car – often seen at Brooklands and other notable institutions!) and Phil D’Archambaud - a man whose encyclopedic knowledge of engineering and understanding of the geometry of a motor car was invaluable.  



What She Isn’t…


She is NOT a road legal vehicle, lacking some fundamental requirements that a new car must have (indicators, bumpers, etc.) However, we are happy to make short journeys that cross public roads or use her when an official road closer is in force (for town parades, etc)


We are in no way trying to pass her off as an original or MGM-approved Chitty car. 

She is a replica, lovingly built by a true Chitty fan!

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